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Only the Freshest and Best!

I am completely flower-centric, and make arrangements with flower freshness and form in mind.  I don't really do "point-and-shoot," as i call it... meaning, "Make one like this picture," because whatever flowers were avalable then might not be available now.  I can begin with a photo; but your finished product will probably be different, because of which flowers are available and fresh on your particular delivery day.

I shop for flowers at Washington Floral Service, Mayesh Seattle, and Seattle Wholesale Growers Market, and from local farms whenever cutting from my greenhouse and yard.

For Ordering Arrangements,  You tell me your price for flowers plus vase (beginning at $60).  Delivery and tax go on top.  I can take a color preference or flower preference; but will always choose flower freshness and beauty/form as first consideration.

Arrangements are fully guaranteed for 7-10 days; though I would expect them to actually last for 14 when correctly cared for*.

Please follow my Instagram for best examples of previous orders!

*care cards included



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