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Delivery normally occurs mid-to-late afternoon is calculated on distance from Artondale Elementary in Gig Harbor.  Normally I'm putting together arrangements earlier in the day, then run deliveries around when they are complete.  If you need something to arrive at a more specific time, let me know!  If it's an easy accommodation, there is no extra charge.  If previously placed orders need to be shuffled to a much later time, there will be an upcharge.


In general, rates are as follow per zip codes

98333     $15

98335     $15

98332    $20 close in $25 Peacock/Crescent Valley etc

98329   $30 and up

Port Orchard, NE Tacoma, Puyallup $40 and up

Tacoma North, West $20 and up

other Tacoma/KPN depends on distance

Yes!  I can deliver wherever you like: charges based on time and miles

Wedding and event Delivery is hours based.

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